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Dear visitors, you are on the company's website, which supplies consumer goods for the home (Company "SNTI"). Sales of table and wall clocks wholesale in Ukraine are new direction of our company. Given 11 years of experience in wholesale sales and a strong infrastructure, which has SNTI, you can expect a wide range of products, adequate pricing and high quality service. Retail customers can buy wall clock in shops of our partners or in online shop in Kiev, Odessa and other Ukrainian cities .

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Despite the fact that there are a lot of offers to buy wall clocks wholesale in Ukraine by "range in store + quality +price", but our offer is one of the best and you can see it, when you are looking our catalog of wall and table clocks. Our range includes different designs of wall and table clocks for every taste and budget. You’ll easily convert creative kitchen clock, original clock frames into exclusive if you decorate them with their photos The range of wall and table clocks wholesale is always expanding. Visit our website as much as possible and do not miss new positions. We always looking forward to you on our website!